White Helvetica Kaleidoscope Glasses

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Love raving and love the bling? Introducing our "Helvetica White". Sport that classic "wayfarer" sunglasses look but with a twist. The lens are kaleidoscope crystal on our Helvetica Kaleidoscope glasses. The Helvetica range has different lens cut due to it's frame style and provide a different experience to our Round Range. 

The unique crystal lens is always changing its lens colour depending on the lighting. 

Who needs LSD when you can just put on a pair of SuperFried's Kaleidoscope glasses and watch your vision go crazy instead? Not only will your world become multidimensional, with our rainbow crystal lens there is NEVER a dull moment. With a lightweight flat back crystal lens, they are incredibly comfortable to wear. Trust us, your line of sight will thank you once the lasers hit! If somehow this doesn’t happen … you’re definitely SuperFRIED.

Brand: SuperFried
Frame Style: Helvetica
Frame Colour: White
Frame Type: PC Frame
Lens Type: Crystal Rainbow 
Feature: Kaleidoscope Effect
Accessory: Free soft cloth pouch & hard case (valued at $10)

Please refer to the Lens Guide for details on which lens is suitable for your occasion.