New SuperFried layout

Hey everyone, welcome to our new SuperFried website. The last 12 months have been a very tough but interesting ride for us as we started this business from scratch with only a small handful of products available at the time. Thanks to all the strong support from our local and interstate ravers and friends, we now have over 100 products listed ranging from rave gears to merchandise of some of the biggest hard dance brands in Australia.

Due to the recent increase of orders, Zoe and I have decided to take SuperFried to the next step. We upgraded the online store front as you may have seen on the home page and migrating to a faster host. Our new layout now has a drop down menu for easy navigation giving you quick access to all range of rave gears from the many different collections of Diffraction Glasses to Merchandise to Rave Gear.

One of the things we realised with our old layout that it is so annoying to add an item to cart then to be taken straight to the Cart page, restricted from continuing to shop and browse. No worries guys, we have taken care of that. You can now freely browse through the entire store for hours if you like without worry with our new layout.

Added to the bottom of the Home page are a small Instagram widget, with this awesome widget you can look at who's wearing our products. To be featured, just tag your photo with hashtag #superfried to see it on the widget.

Other features that we have added are a small live chat box, yes it will be like the MSN days where you can directly give us a 'Hey you guys are awesome!' or 'Yo how do you suggest I take my RaveAid?'

One last thing, you guys might have noticed that we now have a Newsletter subscription bar on our footer, if you haven't done it yet then please subscribe to our mailing list so we can keep you up-to-date with our one-off sales & announcement when we have new cool products coming in (we are soon to extend our inhalers range).

Beside all that, feel free to give our site a browse and be familiar with the new layout & features. If you guys have any feedbacks on how we can improve then please send us a message either through the live chat box or email us at

- JAY @ SuperFried