Kaleidoscope Glasses

Kaleidoscope Glasses from SuperFried | Largest Collection of Rave Accessories in Australia


Kaleidoscope Glasses from SuperFried products are designed to enhance your field of vision. We have the largest brand collection selection available that suits your festival needs, but we also have a pair for every style that comes your way. 

How to Take Care of Your SuperFried Kaleidoscope Glasses
1) Keep your Kaleidoscope glasses clear from sharp or rough objects
2) Do not use cleaning solutions or soaps on your lenses
3) Use only plain water and cotton or microfiber cloth to clean your lenses
4) Store your glasses in a cloth pouch or case when not in use to avoid contact with dirt, debris, and sharp objects

Proper Storage of Kaleidoscope Glasses
Our Carrying Case is perfect for storing your favourite kaleidoscope glasses and is guaranteed to prolong the life of your glasses. It is best to keep your glasses in a warm, dry environment away from sharp or protruding objects. And remember always to pull your carrying case shut to ensure no loose objects get trapped inside with your glasses.