What are you getting bae this Valentine's Day?

Couple that raves together, stay together

One of the world's most popular romantic day is coming around the corner, Valentine's Day also known as Saint Valentine's Day falls on Feb 14th every year. This day is celebrated by many people who exchange cards, candy, gifts, flowers or diffraction glasses with their special “valentine".

Couple that raves together, stay together. To make choosing the perfect gift easier, we have compiled all the red single & double diffraction glasses on our store and put it up on a special v-day sale. Choose any 2 red pairs for $30 (with free shipping) listed in our V-Day Special Collection, use promo code REDFORBAE

Red Shade Diffraction Glasses for HimRed Amber Diffraction Glasses for Her 

**this offer only applies to any red single lens, double diffraction & flip up glasses listed in the V-Day Special Collection. Red el wire diffraction glasses is not included in this offer.