This coming March 2020, Ultra will be making its way back to Australia along with Friedterrific Line Up of World-class and Industry Top Dominating DJs. set to take place in Melbourne, The brand itself first landed in Australia way back 2018 with a marvelous introductory to Ultra roadshow, and then after the successful introduction, they fully upgrade into a full-scale festival in the upcoming year. Despite being a tourist event, it started to prove itself as a serious contender in Australia's Top Festival Names and start a great expansion of name. It already attracts huge fans base and supporters in just a short period

Ultra Australia 2019
Credits to Ultra Australia for the Picture

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For those traveling to the festival from overseas, or in the neighboring country. SuperFried Understand that planning, luckily, to help you with your psychedelic party experience. we compiled a list of things that you need to have to make your night Fried and fulfill with Good Vibes.

1. Kaleidoscope Goggles / Glasses
Not all festival starts at night and almost all the scene take 4-5 hours long. Staying out in the festival with too many ultraviolet rays without eye protection is a bad decision in the long run. protect your eyes with sunglasses or goggles. You'll have a good look and gears but also you can protect eyes with too much UV eyes.
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2.Portable Charger
Whether you're a social media influencer or festival-goer, this is one of the essential things to have whether you going to snap chatting with a headliner in the scene, or simply trying to find new friends in the sea of people. no one wants to suck throughout the night with a dead phone in hand.

3. Rave Mask / Bandana
Protect your lungs from all of the dirt or dust coming in the scene, Partying is important but your respiratory health is the top priority. It is not only good for your respiratory health but It is a great fashionable festival gear to have. make your scene wearing quality rave festival gear mask and stand out in the waves of the crowd

4. Ear Plugs
Protect your hearing at a festival is just important for protecting your eyes from UV rays. Music is life but doesn't cause too much damage to your hearing. Many DJs use earplugs also when they're playing their own sets at festivals.

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5. Hand Sanitizer
If you want to avoid to caught some festival flu, then one of the essential things to have is hand sanitizer. not all the Portable toilet
provide are in good shape. keep your hands clean and bring your sanitizer. just refer always with the festival house rules if bringing unsealed liquid permissible in the festival ground.

6. Comfortable Shoes and Outfit
Comfortable Gears are crucial to your festival journey because if you are irritated with the outfit that you are wearing and the footwear is good with you, it will develop painful blisters on your festival dance moves and ruin your Good Vibes throughout the night.

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7. Survival Night Backpack
One of the number 1 essential things you must have at a music festival is water and inhaler kit. but remember it's a big no-no to spill water during one of the DJs' greatest set nor leaving just to fill up some water in their bottle. so it is essential to carry your hydration kit in your convenient don't forget about your inhaler pack banging is good but make your head relax also.

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There are tons of more essential items to have that they not mention in the list but are still great to have on your side. check out SuperFried Festival Gears Collection for more ideas and inspiration for your packing and of course your festival outfits!