Paradigm pres. Hologram – October 12, 2018

A hologram is a physical structure that diffracts the light into a particular image. Holographic images can be viewed by looking into an illuminated holographic print or by shining a laser straight through a hologram and projecting said image onto a screen. Damn. The pictures throughout the course of the night projected on the walls had to be seen to be believed ..... they looked AMAZING!

Being my first ever Paradigm event, it’s easy to say that I was excited and intrigued to see how the night would pan out. Would it be a full house? How different, if at all, would it be from my usual Hardstyle scene? Only time would tell!

Well. It was a completely different vibe and world to my own … and I absolutely loved it! The crowd was awesome! Winner of the night for me had to be a girl dressed as a unicorn, with lots of pink, total cuteness overload!

MVMB kickstarted the night at 6pm, with a steady stream of people entering the venue as soon as the doors opened. Some went directly to the front of the dancefloor, a fair few straight to the bar, some to the smokers and heaps of them making a beeline straight to the SuperFried stand, wanting to buy all of the goodies before the crew had even finished setup!

7pm hits, and it quickly becomes clear that Shazam was to be my new bestie for the night as the dj changed to Blastoyz, the entire room (which was easily full by this time) cheered and I wanted to know what some of these awesome tracks were! It was rather dark as I approached the front of the dancefloor looking for a good vantage point to watch both the dj and the crowd, but the lasers were totally on-point, many pretty colours streaming out across the entire venue. 

Morten Granau was next. The place was almost full by this point and it was obvious to this little newbie (myself) that he was definitely one of the major drawcards of the event. People started moving from both outdoor areas and the 2 bars to as close to the front as they could and the crowd started to roar the typical ‘f$%@ yeah!’, with shufflers and hakkers all over the place. I felt at home then! Set of the night, hands down was the next one – Vini Vici. These guys were the only ones on the lineup that I’d heard of before and I was actually pretty excited for this set. My thoughts? WOW, just, wow! Every track was so good! One played was ‘Great Spirit’,  and the entire room just lost it, cheering and whistling.

Last 3 sets (in order) were Freedom Fighters, Waio and Shugz. People started to slow down however after the craziness that was Vini Vici, and while the crowd never died, it seemed that a lot of people were going back to the outdoor areas and bars. Everywhere I went was still packed though, definitely no shortage of patrons tonight, it looked to me like an amazing turnout. The crowd and its vibe never waned once from start to finish. There wasn’t a single person that I can recall that didn’t look like they were having the time of their lives! Next Paradigm event is coming up in March 2019 ….. and I kinda can’t wait to see what will be announced! 

📸 All photos taken at Paradigm Hologram 2018 by ZEAZY