Our Story

Australia's largest range of rave glasses!

SuperFried was founded in 2014 by Jay & Zoe, two Melbournian ravers who were unsatisfied with not only the quality of rave wear available but also the lack of variety in Australia. There was nothing that had quality merchandise at a reasonable price, let alone rave gear full stop. Ravers here were forced to pay exorbitant prices to get anything decent due to everything being from the UK or USA. Even though between them they had only a minimal amount of business management knowledge, these ravers knew this would be the perfect opportunity to start an awesome rave brand that could meet the demand. This was when SuperFried was born.

The two of us had spoken and envisioned endlessly in the past about running a business, so when the idea of SuperFried arose, we knew this was it! We started with stocking party accessories like diffraction glasses, imported Thai nasal inhalers and finger lights. At the beginning, orders were slow to start off, but every time one came through, we would dance in excitement in celebration of a new order or customer. Till this day, any order, small or large, we still perform this ritual, it has become tradition.

The first month was a huge struggle getting the name out there, but with the support of friends & family we quickly gained acknowledgement from not only ravers but also club owners, DJs & appreciation groups all across Melbourne. We knew that not all businesses succeed and we had to be patient, but somehow, we knew, SuperFried was bound to take off !!

That same year we did a collaboration with music appreciation group Hardstylerz, where our brand quickly became widely known within the dance scene. We take pride in the hoodies we supply for this appreciation group as we only use the highest quality of cotton garments and still are STILL able to supply it at an affordable price.

A few months in, we ran our first pop-up stand at Sorry Grandma Nightclub with the boys behind Melbourne's (now defunct) hardstyle monthly event, Fantasy. We literally took our online store... offline! Not long after SF logo can be seen on almost every hardstyle event flyers in Melbourne. We were popping up everywhere! At every Hard Kandy, Bass Maniac, Pure Hard Dance, HardQore events & even music festivals like Dreamland and Ultraglow 2015 and all 3 of the Shadows of Wonderland parties.

After years of building the business from scratch, we now have over 400 products listed on our site, ranging from rave accessories to merchandise for some of the biggest hard dance brands in the country. We started the movement with being the only brand in Australia to be selling kaleidoscope glasses & goggles. Now, there are others, BUT what makes us different is that we provide THE largest range of colours & designs for diffraction & kaleidoscope glasses, with the next step being Australia's largest rave glasses supplier, expanding our diffraction glasses range of colour & styles every few months.

Why are we so now well known and our name synonymous with ravers everywhere? Because we aren’t just random business owners, we are ravers ourselves. This is why we are successful in bringing the fried ravers exactly what they want. This is our mission.

Why the name SuperFried? Hey you gotta admit there's absolutely super fried ravers everywhere.