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Round Sunglasses with Kaleidoscopic vision effect
Round Sunglasses with Kaleidoscopic vision effect
Black Kaleidoscope Glasses - SuperFried

Black Kaleidoscope Glasses

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SuperFried's Kaleidoscope Glasses are guaranteed to enhance your party experience like never before. With our rainbow glass crystal lens, there will never be a dull moment. Lights will TRANSFORM before your eyes the moment you put on our kaleidoscope glasses. 

SuperFried Kaleidoscope glasses are produced with quality materials designed for durability, comfort and experience. Suitable for all types of celebrations such as NYE, music festivals, and light shows. Order yours now and enhance your party experience with our SuperFried Kaleidoscope Glasses!

Multiple colours and lens options available.

Brand: SuperFried
Frame Style: Round
Frame Colour: Black
Lens Type: Crystal Rainbow Kaleidoscope

All Kaleidoscope Glasses come with a free hard glasses case. 

Please refer to the Lens Guide for more details on the different type of kaleidoscope lens.