Light Blue Light Up El Wire Shutter Glasses

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Designed with finest quality materials, these Light Blue Light Up EL Wire glasses will out perform any other rave glasses store out there. The psychedelic look and feel of these glasses will give your mind a once in a lifetime experience from the moment you wear them on. Enjoy the lightshow experience on any BPM of your favorite DJ Mix music with these awesome light up glasses.

Spice up the color and set your imagination ablaze with these El Wire Shutter Glasses

Brand: SuperFried
Size: 15X5.2cm fits most
Power: Includes 2 X AAA Batteries
Battery Life: Approx 8 Hours
Frame Colour: Black
Frame: Shutter
Cable Length: 103cm

Made with a sturdy black plastic shutter frame and outlined with electroluminescent wire on all edges, these retro-styled glasses is sound activated. So put them on, turn out the lights and party!

Battery pack comes with a clip so it’s easy to attach to your shirt pocket, waist band or trouser pocket.